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Stephen Magnusson
Jordan Murray
Javier Fredes
Ronny Ferella

Ambient lush soundscapes and adventurous dynamic textures

Combining the exceptional talents of Stephen Magnusson (guitar and effects), Ronny Ferella (drum set and percussion), Javier Fredes (percussion) and Jordan Murray (trombone), Omelette presents an evening of improvisation. From ambient lush soundscapes to adventurous dynamic textures, Omelette weave their sonic explorations to take their listeners through a stylistic montage.

Omelette’s repertoire pivots between originally composed melodies and spontaneously improvised music. Inspired by improvising groups such as The Necks, Omelette’s performances feature improvisations that continuously evolve over the duration of the set, taking the listener on a sonic journey.

Some of Omelette’s influences include Bill Frisell, The Paul Motion Trio, The Necks, Randy Weston and the Splendid Master Gnawa Musicians of Morocco and Old and New Dreams.

Earlier Event: November 26
Sunny Kim +3