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Polash Goes Back In Time

The Offtopics' songwriter, frontman and funk dynamo presents a night of stories and songs... and possibly slides in an intimately personal solo show at The Brunswick Green.

This show is still in development so he's not sure if this is music or theatre or cabaret but whatever it is there'll be renditions of songs that don't get played in The Offtopics and there'll be stories... like that time he met THE Taj Mahal (the American blues singer - not the Indian mausoleum) and all those times he went to the Taj Mahal (the Indian mausoleum - not the American blues singer). There's the story of how his parents met and got married followed by their subsequent divorce (more fun than it sounds) and that time he took his dad's ashes to be scattered in the Ganges (even MORE fun than THAT sounds).

Entry is free and the show starts at 7pm.

WARNING: This show contains elements of punctuality. He WILL start on time.

Earlier Event: June 25
Later Event: July 9